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Umran Malik



Umran Malik holds a degree in Management in Digital Media Marketing from CIM / UCL University. Being one of the few people who have gained a degree in Social Media, he has in-depth knowledge about the 360 degree cycle of Social Media. His vision helps in executing all project deliveries at ease with process oriented methodology.

Umran has coupled his professional credential with practical experience in developing the Online Presence marketing strategy, execution and management for a variety of companies in different sectors.

In addition, Umran also holds multiple degrees in Computer System Engineering, Project Management and Business Development. His love for experimenting with the latest technology and trends drove him towards online marketing. His enthusiasm craves for challenging projects and is one of his main attributes, which sets him apart from the crowd. His forte in project management has developed from his long-standing experience in multiple fields across micro and macro management issues. This has contributed to his rich experience and knowledge across varied sectors.

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